How To Make The Most Money While Disposing Of The Junk In Your Deceased Relative's Yard

Posted on: 20 March 2017
If you are the executor of the estate of a deceased relative and you must clear their home's yard of generations of junk, then you are probably feeling very overwhelmed. While you are right to feel this way, the good news is that the situation is much more manageable than you might first believe. In addition, you might be surprised to learn that there may be some money to be made for the estate by selling items found in those piles in the yard!
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4 Things To Consider Before Renting A Dumpster

Posted on: 12 January 2017
Renting a dumpster is definitely something you need to consider if you are going to be doing a large renovation to your home that will require the dumping of many materials. This is also something to consider when cleaning out your home if you have large piles of junk, especially if the junk weighs a whole lot and won't fit in the standard garbage can that the city collects from your home once a week.
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Be Aware Of These Issues When Live-Trapping Mice

Posted on: 30 July 2016
If you tend to have mice in your house over the winter, you might be dreading the return of colder weather. Despite closing up every gap that you can find, the little critters seem to find new ways in constantly. Trapping them can help, but cleaning up after dead mice can become tiresome and rather disgusting. If you've decided to try live-trapping the mice to release them elsewhere, that could help, but there are a few quirks of live-trapping that you need to know about.
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